Diego Armando Maradona answered to Francesco Totti’s nomination to participate to #OrdinaryHeroes, the initiative promoted by the Secretariat for the Communication of the Holy See, which is in the middle of its international itinerary.

Francesco Totti



Diego Armando Maradona



A special t-shirt of the #OrdinaryHeroes project is travelling the world, collecting autographs from testimonials from the world of sports and show business. When the t-shirt will come back to the Vatican City, it will be auctioned and all the sales’ profits will be donated to Pope Francis through the Peter’s Pence Works of Mercy.

In addition to the t-shirt’s journey, #OrdinaryHeroes will continue to give visibility to positive stories of extraordinary normality, stories of altruism and respect for the others. On the project’s social accounts we are collecting stories of everyday heroes, stories to which everyone can relate.

Participate is easy!

If you know a story of altruism, share it with us in a comment, message or video message on our social accounts Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. You can also wear the t-shirt symbol of the project, available at this page and send us a picture or a video message in which you tell us what being #OrdinaryHeroes mean to you.

Keep in touch with us to find out more about the next testimonial and join the international #OrdinaryHeroes community!

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