Don Dario Viganò, Prefect for the Administrative Office for Communication of the Holy See, was interviewed by Vatican Radio. He told listeners the meaning of OrdinaryHeroes, as an expression of pop culture. The Pope is depicted as a superhero, but with his humanity, and his personality intact. Therefore, he can be seen as much more like us than we would ever imagine. In a world in which everything is angry, gray, and screaming, a gesture of kindness that brings a smile to your face is the antidote to a culture of shouting matches and reprisals to which we have unfortunately become accustomed. It has made us blind and indifferent to the weak and marginalized in our society.

A part of the proceeds from the sale of the t-shirts will go to finance the works of mercy through Peter’s Pence. To the detractors who say that the work of Superpope secularizes the figure of Pope Francis, Don Dario Viganò reminds everyone that the first person to humanize the Pontiff was Pope Francis himself: presenting himself as a shepherd and a guide who needs his people. His closeness and nearness to us is what most sets him apart. This was deftly depicted and captured in the figure of Superpope.

Listen to the full interview on Vatican Radio