Peter’s Pence is a movement of solidarity on the part of the faithful all across the world. With their donations, they support the Catholic Church and its charitable works. Peter’s Pence started as a secular effort. The earliest mentions date back to the 8th century, when the Anglo-Saxons (after having converted to Christianity), felt so tied to the Pope that they decided to send him periodic donations. Thus, the “Alms to St. Peter” were born, which quickly spread into other European countries. Although it had some ups and downs along the way, the alms-giving program was “blessed” by Pope Pius IX in his 1871 encyclical.

It is this spirit of sharing and compassion that inspires the faithful throughout the world, leading them to contribute with their donations. From this point of view, #OrdinaryHeroes, strengthened with the charity and compassion that it represents, decided to provide his own contribution, and to support Peter’s Pence, setting aside a part of the proceeds from the sale of the t-shirts to the Works of Mercy.

In recent years, Peter’s Pence worked in Bangladesh to rebuild houses for 55 families from diverse religious backgrounds, after they were destroyed in terrorist attacks. The organization set up 10 scholarships for young Kurdish refugees to finish university, with a view towards a future rebuilding of their country. But that’s not all: the offerings to Peter’s Pence gathered from the diocese of Cremona will be sent to the bishops in Haiti, who have recently been hit by a hurricane.

These is just a sample of the Works of Mercy: Visit Peter’s Pence website for more information.

Visit Peter's Pence website