Don Dario Viganò, Prefect for the Administrative Office for Communication of the Holy See, is interviewed on RAI 1, “In His Image,” hosted by Lorena Bianchetti. Together with artist Mauro Pallotta – known professionally as MauPal – he explains to viewers the message that Superpope work embodies, and the role of art in speaking about faith, in pulling back the curtain of hate and indifference in our times.

To the critics who argue that Superpope work secularizes the figure of Pope Francis, Don Dario Viganò counters that is not a secularization: the language of art can free mankind. The negative perception comes not from art, but from the eye and heart of the beholder. Some might construe art from prejudice, pejoratively, if it doesn’t align with their own belief system.

Superpope has been successful in what it was intended to do: to provide a contemporary vehicle for the Pope’s message of charity and compassion. This is a Pontiff who is straight-forward, and who stands beside and among his people and all humankind.

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