Fabrizio Marcucci, entrepreneur of Superpope, along with the streetartist Maupal, have been guests of the Vatican Radio to talk about Superpope’s #OrdinaryHeroes initiative and Maupal’s new work, carried out for Pope Francis’ 81st birthday, included in the cake’s decoration.

Superpope is a funny antidote to the culture of scream and sends a very positive and powerful message. Superpope’s t-shirt has been chosen as a symbol of a new movement: that of the #OrdinaryHeroes. The message behind the initiative is that, nowadays, our ordinary nature makes us extraordinary. In order to change the world, we don’t need superheroes, but everyday heroes who spread the values of humility and solidarity which Pope Francis, the first of the #OrdinaryHeroes, perfectly embodies.

“It would be nice to stop for a while and don’t be blinded by the everyday hustle. We should go back to being good people, ready to understand others’ needs. Simple things are always cooler”, claims Fabrizio. “We don’t need extreme actions: helping an elderly person across the street, rescuing someone who had a flat tire. Small gestures that improve everybody’s life”, adds Maupal.

Through the purchase of Superpope’s t-shirt it is hereby certified to be part of the #OrdinaryHeroes, a kind of “membership card” for those who want to do good. “Being positive towards others is very easy and has a strong appeal: when you act like this, you realise the power of this message compared to negativity” concludes Fabrizio.

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