Don Dario Viganò, Prefect for the Administrative Office for Communication of the Holy See, a guest of the radio show “Non Stop News” on RTL 102.5, weighs in on Superpope work in this interview by Fulvio Giuliani, Giusi Legrenzi and Pierluigi Diaco.

Viganò, after describing how the work got started, and the MauPal murals that appeared on the outer walls of Borgo Pio, explains to listeners how, indeed – “in a world so full of bitterness, sadness, and anger, a kind word and a smile are the antidote to the evils of our times.” The image of Superpope is perfect, from this point of view. It’s a pop version of the message of charity and compassion for which Pope Francis has been such an advocate.

Viganò further notes that a part of the proceeds from the sale of the t-shirts will go to finance the works of mercy through Peter’s Pence. So Superpope is a “down-to-earth hero,” who works to help those who most need it.

Superpope’s true strength is ordinariness, simplicity, a willingness to listen, and compassion.

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