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It does not suffice to draw the portrait of a famous and beloved person like Pope Francis to create a work like Superpope. What is needed is to make certain chords belonging to everyone’s imagination vibrate.


During his first audience on 16 March 2013, Francis told a journalist that he chose his name in honour of St. Francis of Assisi because what he cares about the most is the living conditions of the poor.

The traits of Pope Francis that immediately came to light from the very beginning, through his public life, are humility, faith in divine forgiveness, concern for the poor, a commitment to achieving dialogue between different faiths. His simple, informal approach to the papacy as compared to that of his predecessors was immediately noticed.

On a cold night of January 2014, a Rome street artist, Mauro Pallotta, better known by the pseudonym MauPal, created an image of the pope on a wall in Borgo Pio, near the Vatican.



The #OrdinaryHeroes T-shirt was created in 2016.
Colourful, simple, comfortable and packed with energy. To spread a positive message with a strong and optimistic smile.The T-shirt is the one and only original T-shirt authorised to use the SuperPope work. The press is realized in Italy and the whole chain, from packaging to distribution through marketing and communication, is made up of enthusiastic people and deeply inspired by the project.

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